Various Types of HIV Test.

During this time many people have been effective with HIV Infection. This infection is done by an HIV Virus. This virus affects our body’s immune system or result that our body system cannot fight against the virus. It can’t be cured fully but if any person does the test during a certain period or take the medicine within the 24 to 48 hour then it can be controlled by the PEP method. 

Types of HIV

Two types of HIV Antibodies have been detected by the WHO ( World health organization )

Type 1 HIV & Type 2 HIV

Types of Test

In the time 4 types of test available to check the HIV infection in the human body

1 – Rapid test Method:- We know that it called the stick test method or rapid test method. In which a person can get the result of HIV Antibodies within 1 to 2 hours. It depends on the lab test & the quantity of the test. It is a very cheap & very easy method to detected the test.

Advantage of Rapid test :-

Easy to use , Very effective price, Fast result, Detected both antibodies – 1 & 2

Disadvantage:- Sometimes it gives a negative result during the test. Some factors that result can be negative & incorrect because during this time our body antibodies increase by some condition like RH Factor & Medicine that it can give the negative & false result.

Detect HIV Antibody after 15 to 20 Days ( Window period )

Eliza Test :- it is a western blot test or one of the useful test to detect the HIV human body infection & virus. It is a powerful test or provide the accurate result of the HIV Antibodies this test can detected antibodies within 5 to 10 days  antibodies  to check the level of the infected of HIV.

PCR TEST (Polly chain reaction test ) :- This test can provide the result within 24 to 48 hours it is a high price test to check the HIV antibodies infected in to the human body. In which react the one antibody to another antibodies. 

T3 & T4 Cell body test :- It use to check the human  antibody by using of this test. By we check the immune system level of the body. These antibodies help to maintain human immune system.

All test give the opportunity to detect the HIV virus in the human body, all test depend on the viral load of the patients.

if we talk about the prices of these tests then the price will start from 350 INR to 5000 & more according to the test & take 1 to 7 days time for reporting.

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