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Best Books to Learn More About in Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology is one of the best streams to learn about mental disorders or mental health illnesses or programs. Clinical Psychology covers the mental health treatment plan in which include Psychotherapy & counseling services

With the help of the clinical psychology program, a person can become a Psychologist & Counselor to provide mental health treatment by a study of clinical psychology. 

I suggest some books related to Clinical Psychology to grow knowledge & crack various exam..

Best Books to learn

General Psychology 

It is the first subject in Psychology in which students learn the basics concept of psychology with treatment plans like psychotherapy & counseling etc. 

1 –  Robert a baron – General Psychology 

2 – Saundra K, Ciccarelli – General Psychology 

History Of Psychology 

History of psychology covers all topics in which including psychoanalysis, Classical condition, Operant condition, Gestalt & more. According to the Period.

Book – 

A History of Modern Psychology – 

Author – D U A N E P. S C H U L T Z, University of South Florida S Y D N E Y E L L E N S C H U L T ZTopic not cover – Frankel 


Biopsychology is a most important subject for clinical psychology in which student can learn about functions of the brain, How our brain work, Neuron, another human body parts function like ear, eyes & different types of the gland. 


1 – Biopsychology 8, 9 & more Pineal 

2 – Biological Psychology 8, 9 & more – James – W – Kalat 

Both books are good books to cover all subjects of biopsychology. James – W – Kalat author book is covering Full Brain autonomy with neurology & neuroscience area etc.

3 – Cognitive Psychology:- 

Cognitive psychology is the most important area of clinical psychology. It will cover the learning, Memory & all concept of perception of the human body function, etc.

Books for Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive psychology – ROBERT J. STERNBERG 

Cognitive Psychology – Bruce Goldstein

4 – Research Design & Method 

It is an important subject in clinical psychology it will cover all types of research design & how to conduct research design & how to conduct research … Hypothesis, Sample collection & variable, etc.

Books for research Design & method 

1 – Research Methodology CR Kothari

2 – RESEARCH METHODOLOGY a step-by-step guide for beginners – Ranjit Kumar

5 – Abnormal Psychology 

Abnormal Psychology covers all types of mental health disease into clinical psychology, mood disorder, learning disorder, memory disorder & psychotic disorder etc. 

In the abnormal psychology lots of books available to know about the mental health & illness 

1 – DSM V – ( Diagnostic & statistical manual ) It is an updated version of DSM. It runs by the American Psychology Association. ( APA) Book develop for American people 

2 – ICD – Classification of Mental and Behavioural

 Disorders is run by WHO or develop for Asia specific as well as cover disease around the world The Latest version of ICD is 10 & some changes in 11 etc. 

3 – Abnormal Psychology Bruture – It’s one of the best books for abnormal psychology it will cover all topics with case study & research etc.   

–  Kaplan N Sadock’s Synopsis of Psychiatry – BS – Clinical Psychiatry, 11E.

5 – Abnormal Psychology –  Thomas F. oltmanns, Robert E. Emery

6- Neuropsychology:- In which you can read serious brain disease or how a person can treat like trauma & old age memory disease as well as all types of latest technique to diagnose the brain problem etc.

Book for Neuropsychology :- Principals of Neuropsychology …

7 – Psychotherapy :- It is a main topic for the clinical psychology lots of book is available for the psychotherapy books in the market.  One of the best books is oxford psychotherapy & encyclopedia of psychotherapy etc. These books  are help to know more about clinical psychology.

Steps to become a Clinical psychologist in India

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