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How Self Awareness can help for a stress-free life

During this time stress is a very common problem for everyone, every person would like to survive with stress free life. Lots of modes available for stress remove able life but after some time, it converts into depression.  Sometimes it comes within the episode depression format.  Self awareness program can be a skill based program as well as a social skill training to manage our episodic depression & stress events   It’s the best treatment or counseling program to treat to your mental illness problem. 


Mindfulness is one of the best techniques to know about our self & live with self-awareness. It developed “by Jinkobartzin during the period of 1990 to 2000. It’s based on the Indian tradition Lord Budha& work on the principle of Lord Budha to teach & leaves life with self aware &non judgmental attitude.” It comes with an 8 week’s program in which includes berating exercise, Mindful eating, mindfully walking, sitting mediation etc.

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It will help to learn how you can live as a nonjudgmental & leave with self aware. It is a research It will help to learn how you can live as a nonjudgmental & present movement. It is a research evidence-based training program to develop self-awareness.  These mindfulness program all ready using mental health treatment like stress, depression, anxiety, episodic depression, etc. It is used in psychotherapy skill program & counseling session also to treat them. Many programs are running in present time under the mindfulness like Mindfulness cognitive behavior therapy & mindfulness stress management treatment plan.

Psychotherapy & Counselling

Psychotherapy & counseling also is the one of the best treatment plan to remove stress from our body, in the psychotherapy treatment management plan lots of self-awareness program available to treat the mental health treatment as well as mental health illness.  Psychotherapy is done by the psychologist who completes the training of psychotherapy under supervision. It’s also an evidence-based program to treat mental health illnesses.

Depression & stress both treatment will depend on the severity of the depression in the person, or mental health to treat this. Self-awareness is the best way to know about use or live with no judgment life with using of mindfulness management plan such as sitting mediation & berating exercise.

Family Counseling

Family counseling is another way to treat your stress with helping of a self-awareness program. Some conditions required a family planning management plan by using family counseling in which a counselor, a psychotherapist will provide the solution to fight stress even self-awareness program. It can help also in critical conditions also such as cancer, HIV & T.B, etc.

Self-awareness program can help to solve your own stress problem as well as you can stay your life as nonjudgmental & live with present movement. After complete this program, you will aware of your episodic depression, stress & panic attack mental health disorders.


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