Techqines for Stress-Free life by Mindfulness meditation

MINDFULNESS is very important to mental health in today’s time. Because mental health is as important as our physical health. So to manage our mental health there is most ancient and major approach or technique is “MINDFULNESS”.

Mindfulness is self is a program of awareness & regulation to attention so that it is maintained in our immediate experiences, thereby allowing for increased recognition of mental health events in the present moment and adopting a particular orientation towards one’s experience that is characterized by present experience and acceptance. On a regular basis, human beings are lived in the automatic pilot mode they unaware of their moment-to-moment experiences.

Regular mindful practice decreases the risk of developing distress that leads a person to take responsibility for his health and he begins to have a yearning to lead a healthy lifestyle and increases the chances of survival and it also helps in maintaining relationships and understand each other’s deeply with a nonjudgmental attitude and maintain mental peace in lives.

There are some mindfulness techniques which were listed below that were very helpful in enhancing the quality of life during this pandemic and it can be practiced by both mentally healthy and mentally ill persons too.

Mindfulness Techniques

1. Deep breathing

Deep breathing is the most easiest and important technique in mindfulness. It helps to make more accurate perception of one’s own mental responses to external and internal stimuli is achieved to enhance effective action in the world, and lead to a greater sense of control. To practice this technique is most important to manage our mental health during pandemic.

At the present time, we do a lot of emotional experiences like sadness, happiness, anxiety, bordem etc. So this technique is very effective to regulate these emotions effectively. This technique hardly takes few minutes, you can do it by sitting on the chair or lying on the bed, take a long breath-hold it and then releases it repeat this process for few minutes(at least 15 minutes)and if In the meantime, if a thought comes, let it come, do not stop it, and if you do not concentrate on it, it will let go.

2. Doing mode to being mode

Shift yourself from doing mode to being mode.

Rather than just doing work it is important to being in that work. If you were being in that moment it will enhance awareness of that particular moment and also increase the quality and productivity of the work and this will give satisfaction and increase the mental peach of an individual.

3. Sitting Meditation

Sitting meditation is called the heart of the formal meditation practice. Sitting meditation is done either on a chair or on the floor. In this technique, participants are instructed to sit in a relaxed, upright posture and to direct their full attention to the sensations of breathing.

This allow both positive and negative thoughts and emotions to pass quickly and can cultivate a greater awareness of the ways in thoughts, feelings and behaviour that affect emotional, mental and physical health. This may also help in reducing distraction or ruminating thoughts during mental health or illness etc.

Another most of technique available in mindfulness to provide stress -release or batter life during the mental health problem as well as a better life. Some areas where mindfulness can help family stress problems, HIV counseling & more, etc.

Which are useful in mindfulness

This is one of the best stress management training programs, in which person will know about the movement to movement or doing mode by help of breath exercise & eating exercise also. It is a very useful full technique for psychotherapy & various types of counseling such as family counseling, one counseling & stress management counseling, etc.


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