How Psychological Counseling Can Help To Reduce Stress?

Stress is the most common problem during this time around the world. Most people suffering from mental health or stress problems like depression, anxiety, etc. A normal brain system can manage the stress in few hours to few days or some condition within 24 hours. It will depend on the condition.

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In normal words, we can say stress is a pressure on our brain it can be physical or psychological. The psychological condition can be job loss, Money loss, Favorite things loss or sometimes accidents shock or trauma are may be a reason for stress full condition & stressful full life.

Types of Stress According to Stress Psychological Disorder

According to Psychological conditions, stress can define into 2 types which Acute or Severer Stress Disorder, etc. That both types of stress can disturb the daily routine life of the person. A stressed person can experience Isomania ( Sleep Disorder), delusions with self harm, etc.

Symptoms of Stress According to ICD 10

Acute Stress Disorder 

  • The symptoms begin after 3 days 
  • Acute crisis Reaction
  • Combat Fatigue
  • Psychic shock 

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 

  • Symptoms Minimum required 6 months 
  • FlashBack (Trauma. Accident )
  • Detachment from person
  • Person reminds that he is suffering from the original trauma. 
  • Day time imagery, Dream

Is any treatment is available for Stress Disorder?

Yes’ in the medical psychological stress disorder treatment is present in the hospital. Mental health professionals can help on this stress realted problems such as psychologists, psychiatrists & psychological counseling providers.

Can Counseling help to Reduce Stress or Stress full life?

Yes, a person will stress-free after complete the treatment. if a person feels some stress in life or they feel difficulty completing the daily routine work.

You can contact Psychological counseling they will provide you full guides to stop the stress from daily life with the help of counseling techniques and exercises available etc.

it will depend upon diagnosing the severity of stress. Clinical psychologists can help to reduce stress with the help of psychotherapy or change the behavior of the person to help a stress-free life.


Mental health problems & stress problems can be cured by some with the help of doctors & psychologists, In which include counseling, psychotherapy & drug treatment, etc.

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