How to know your Personality With The big 5 Personality Factor

The Big Five personality traits, also known as the five-factor model, it is a type of statistical technique to use the survey of personality as well as use to check the traits of personality of a person by using of this Big 5 Factor modal. They five models understood as the pattern of behaviour, thought and felling around the across life span child hood to till death. This traits give the new way to our life from child to last stage of life. before 18 years we known as the Personality traits after consider as a personality of a person.

The five-factor use in behavioral psychology, to diagnose the personality traits and types of personality into the human. Lots of other ways to diagnose the personality in human behavior by use of Projective test, power test, & paper-pencil test & survey statically based test, etc.

It is developed by ““Robert McCrae and Paul Costa later developed the Five-Factor Model, during periods of  1980 to 1989” to diagnose the traits & personality factor  by psychological method & testing. Finnely they conclude after complete the test & results.

They are 5 Factor Modals

  1. Extraversion
  2. Openness
  3. Conscientiousness
  4. Neuroticism
  5. Agreeableness

1 – Extraversion :-  We knew as the name of extroversion this type of personality person enjoys life with freedom openly. It’s a part of the theory of carl jung. He was a psychologist.  According to jung this types of person enjoy a social gathering with full energy. These types of people every time ready for any work full of energy.

2 – Openness:- Openness is one of the other big factors to show the types of personality. If high openness person everything thinks about new with open-minded activity, try to meet new people, think about travel, etc.

3 – Conscientiousness:- It is a type of personality, every person finds different types of personality traits. It’s the 3rd type of personality trait in the Five big Factors. These types of people try to live in the presence of the world or try to complete work with very carefully as well as very orgies ways.

4 – Neuroticism:- According to the study these types of people feel lonely, anxious, fear & anger types of people. Sometimes they feel depressed due to a high level of neuroticism. This type of person can suffer a mental illness during the life span like a paranoid personality is an example of neuroticism.

5 – Agreeableness:- These types of personality traits tell us about the individual behavioral characteristics like as this type of person feel sympathetic, cooperative, and warm during the life span.       

These 5 personality factor play a very important role in our life for enjoy our life if person personality factor high form normal range during this condition person can suffer from mental health illness problem.

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