Counseling Services

What is counseling :-

Counseling we know the talk procedure & talk treatment. It is the best way to know about mental status & problem. Some mental problem is very different than every person cannot know about the problem of the human brain.

Types of Counseling

Individual Counseling :- it is a single person counseling in which counselor talk & check the mental status of the person buy using of individual, during this period no another person permission to attend the situation during the counseling.  

Family Counseling :- This technique use with the family members even full family. In which counselor give the advised to the full family members. Some condition required the family counseling like lacks of information about the disease , product information & education providing etc.

Group Counseling:-  This type of counseling we use to provide in a group. Group can be small & can be large.

Education Counseling:- It very helps full for every student who is confused about the new carrier of life. It will help to provide the confidence of the student about the upcoming carrier of the students etc.

HIV Counseling:- We are offering HIV & Aids counseling to our valuable clients, in which we will provide you Individual counseling of the person about HIV & aids. By this counseling, a person can know about How infected HIV & how they can cure by using some precaution, etc.

That counseling is a very effective way to solve your problem just a talk in a very systematic method. Every person can choose our services at affordable prices with our other services.