Psychology Study Notes

We are sharing some personal study notes in PDF format they all created by various psychology books. In which mostly notes are cover in Psychology MCQ formats 

1 – School Of Psychology

It’s a part of the Introduction of psychology. In this section, students can read about the different types of the school of psychology which include psychoanalysis, Introspection, Gestalt Psychology & Behaviorism & more history about the psychology of schools.

2 – Personality Disorder

 A personality disorder is one most important topics with psychology & abnormal psychology it is a make on all basics topics which including Cluster A, B & C with the combination of DSM 5 & ICD 10. Like – Paranoid Personality, OCD Personal Disorder, Avoidant Personality disorder & Histrionic personality disorders, etc.

Book Reference – kalpan & sedok (psychiatry of synopsis or bruture abnormal psychology, DSM-5 & ICD 10.. )

3 – Statistics in behavioral psychology

It’s one of the major tops in behavior psychology. It required for all major psychology students such as 12th, BA & MA as well as M.Phil. Ph.D. Students also include all Topics of major books of clinical psychology according to university & class bases. Like Hypothesis, Sampling, Central Tendency & F Factor Analysis, T-test, Anova, Manova & correlation, etc

4 – Neuropsychology Study Notes

Students can download their neuropsychology notes for free. in which you can learn the brain of the tumor, types of tumors as well as disorder & disease of the brain.

In the last session, you will read how you can deal with neuropsychology disorder & brain disorder also.

All notes cover forms the book principal of the neuropsychology 2 etc. The study notes will help you understand the disorder or disease of the brain as well as how you can cure it by psychotherapy & general medicine etc.

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