HIV Counseling Gurgaon

We are offering Online HIV Counseling services in our local area Gurgaon as well as around the nation. It is a very effective method to know about HIV even how you can cure or how you can save the life of another person. Counseling is a process in which a person knows about the real situation & you learn how you can solve your stress & problem of your life.

Window Period HIV

First when HIV virus enters into the body, it attack to the person’s cells (essentially CD4 T cells and macrophages) and starts replicating. HIV decrease the body’s immune system to produce antibodies specific of HIV.

As explained above, the period between the acquisition of the infection and the production of detectable HIV antibodies is called the window period and it can last anywhere from two to 12 weeks. During this period an individual may have an acute HIV infection (AHI), also sometimes referred to as a primary HIV infection (PHI).

Here an infected person can be highly infectious despite having a negative HIV test result. At the time of infection, 30%-50% of people have a recognizable acute illness characterized by fever, (enlarged lymph nodes), night sweats, skin rash, headache, and cough.

HIV-positive individuals may remain without symptoms (asymptomatic) for up to 10 or more years. In this phase, they are potentially a critical factor for the transmission of HIV, as they are infectious but can be identified only through blood screening for HIV antibodies. this period called the Window period of HIV

After a period that varies from person to person, viral replication resumes and with it the destruction of CD4 lymphocytes and other immune cells, resulting in a progressive immune deficiency syndrome. Progression depends on a number of factors: the type of HIV infection, the person’s age, other infections, and possibly genetic (hereditary) factors. Infections, diseases, and malignancies occur among HIV-infected individuals and are related to the degree of immune suppression. ( Source – WHO )

We are offering other types of counseling services also with HIV Counseling such as Pre-HIV counseling & Post HIV counseling mental health counseling.