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Some question asked by clients & psychologist

Session Length

There is no specific determination on how manyc sessions are needed by a client/patient as this may depend on the healing progress of said client/patient and this can be discussed with your therapist.

RelationshipThe required relationship that a client/patient should have with his/her therapist is strictly professional. Any other relationship, such as business or personal relationships that a client/patient may have with a therapist may prevent or undermine the effectiveness of the treatment.


Sessions between the counselor and the client/patient are strictly confidential. Any notes taken by the therapist, audio recordings, video recordings during therapy shall be kept confidential and secure by the therapist at all times and shall not disclose it to anyone without any prior written consent by the client/patient, with exception to certain limitations by law such as:1. Abuse to a child, disabled, elderly, other people;
2. Criminal Acts;
3. Sexual Abuse;
4. Acts which may involve the transmission of HIV/AIDS;
5. Any other instance where the therapist has a duty or he or she has a firm belief that there is a necessity to disclose.

In case you have any questions regarding confidentiality, please discuss this with your therapist. 


Through Counseling clients/patients learn more about themselves that they do not realize. Often, these are things that they do not like. These are the things that they need to first, accept that they are or what they have or do. Growth cannot happen until these issues are accepted and confronted. 

There may be a chance that during or after a session, the client/patient may feel emotionally or physically distressed. This is normal and should be part of one’s healing process. A therapy’s success shall depend both on the efforts of the therapist and the client/patient.

Court Proceedings

In case of a court proceeding involving the client/patient, it is agreed that the therapist cannot testify, such as but not limited to, custody proceedings, divorce proceedings, injuries, or any other lawsuits. that shall result in the disclosure of the records of the psychotherapist about his/her client/patient.

Is Counselling completely confidential?

Yes fully ,completely Confidential

What information do we collect?

Counseling procedure– Registering with us our counseling professional will be providing services online & offline, etc.

We will collect your name, address, telephone numbers, and email address. We may also request information on your availability, therapeutic issues, and other details that we deem relevant to processing your request.

Keep all information Safe?

Consent Form is required for clients?

Yes , for provide fully confidential

Your prosnal inforamtion share to another ?

If required then we will share client information with the doctor & another our staff. If clients will fill the concert from then we will share your information with relatives.

What HIV Counseling is safe ?

Yes it will safe like another counseling session.

HIV Test Avaliable ?

Yes available only at Gurgaon Location. Our team will tell you to give the test information during the counseling.

What is free session offer ?

The first session will free of cost in which we will tell about the problem of clients & after what can do for further treatment in psychological & mental treatment.

Any Discount in Lab test ?

Yes 10 to 30 % flat Discount if client do test form our registered path labs.

What psychotherapy servcies available for clients ?

No, if available then will update ..

Free Session will 25 December to 31 Jan 2021.. ( First Counseling session will free in which 3 session will free till 2021…

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