Psychology Tuition Online

We are offering Psychology-based Coaching/tuition classes by Online and Offlinemode all over the nation specially areas we are covering offline modes such as Gurgaon, Delhi & West Bengal, as per hour or syllabus based according to tutor availability. Students can contact us for Class 12 to B.A/BSc & M.A/MSc Psychology classes. We will provide you, online classes, through online web apps & software such as Zoom, Google meet & what’s app group, etc.

In which we will provide you Clinical psychology & counseling based Coaching classes. This includes major subjects according to schools & colleges syllabus & provides the best coaching solutions to our students in which, included study materials like Psychology PDF Books, Power Point Presentations and Notes, or selected MCQ based Question answers to the students. Class Tests are also conducted time to time.

Some Major Subjects

Introduction to Psychology

In which we cover all Major topics, Help in building In-depth Concept of the topic and also guide the Candidate andaccording to the syllabus of university or colleges etc. Major will cover (History, All the/Systems of Psychology like Structuralism, Gestalt, Functionalism, Psychoanalysis, Behaviourism, Humanistic, Existentialism) etc. Also cover some basic test Like TAT, HAM, Beck, etc.

Bio Psychology

Bio psychology is one of the most important parts of psychology in which, will cover (all major parts of our brain and how our brain works with a various function such as Cognitive function, Neuron, a neurotransmitter & more. Bio psychology also covers our 4 parts of the brain, the Vision system & the auditory system also.

Cognitive Psychology

It’s the another core subject in psychology. it will cover all types of cognitive functions of the body & cover the cognitive work of the body in which we will cover All major parts of Cognitive functions like Thinking, Sensations, Problem Solving, Memory, Forgetting ,Perceptions, etc.

In our team Qualified and Trained Teachers and Mentors are available to teach and Guide the students in all aspects and provide a positive environment to learn and grow for  B.A/BSc & M.A/MSc students. We also provide Career Guidance and Counseling to School and College Students.

Timings/ schedule

Coaching / Tuition classes time will be flexible and according to the convenience of the students.

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