Our MTCH, (mind to treatment & health care) is working under the  professional license psychologist and clinical psychologist who will help for stress free life. We are working as professionals in the treatment of mental disorder as well as health care also.              

Our Services

Counseling Services: – Our professional team will help to diagnose the mental health problem with the help of various types of counseling services such as single counseling, group counseling, family counseling & mental health Education counseling With these counseling services, a person can leave as a simple & happy life.

Psychological Counseling: – psychological counseling is one of the best ways to solve the stress life problem by helping professional staff. With the help of psychological counseling, they can know about your personality as well as various types of mental disorders like Phobia, Depression & anxiety, etc. It will help to solve your daily life problem to leave better.

HIV Counseling: – It’s the best way to leave a safe life, by HIV counseling person knows about HIV , stages, and how a person can safe from HIV. Our professional team will help to solve health-related issues such as HIV & aids or family counseling etc.

Corporate Services: – Our professional team will help to provide counseling or meditation for the corporate sectors as well as various organizations also. Corporate counseling will help to leave stress free during working hours.